About fsm.

fsm. is an arts review journal covering contemporary arts in the Greater Fox River Valley of Wisconsin. fsm. is committed to: providing critical reviews of the arts, by artists; highlighting upcoming, thought-provoking, local creative events; and offering an open platform for editorials discussing creative concerns, both local and otherwise. Both educating the community on the possibilities and importance of the arts as well as raising the level of local discourse about the arts are the goals of this publication.

fsm. welcomes critical thought regarding the arts from a wide range of voices and offers this publishing platform to share these ideas. The articles may not be reflective of the thoughts and beliefs of the staff, other authors, or advertisers.

Board Chair – Cristian Andersson
Treasurer – Leslie Walfish
Secretary – Vered Meltzer
Board Member – Katharina Abderholden
Board Member – Emily Bowles
Events Editor – Emily Rose Petermann

Send story ideas, comments, or questions to: hello@fsm.ink or mail to:

139 N Lake St Neenah, Wisconsin 54956

For advertising inquiries, contact: (920) 791-7137 or hello@fsm.ink

fsm. believes in paying for quality work. Our goal is to be able to pay our writers solely from community support. fsm. is produced by a small staff of dedicated creatives and seeks contributions from writers across the Greater Fox River Valley of Wisconsin. We locally distribute monthly to locations from Fond du Lac to Green Bay, Wisconsin as well as maininting this publishing website.