Ceasefire: A Declaration of War

Poetry Feb 6, 2023

by Deshaun Nichols

I’m conflicted. Is it me?
Am I gon’ be what gets the best of me?
A war on two fronts? For this long? Is God testin’ me? I want the best for my people
Tulsa, pre-1921

“Oh wow, I didn’t expect him to be so articulate” Pops just wanted better for his son.

Faith in my own is the preconditions for these premonitions
But my own look at me sideways for sharing ambition without hushed intentions?

“Oh you think you fancy now huh? Don’t forget where you come from”

Yeah aight, I don’t even know where that is Code switchin’ because the roads different A single foot on two paths

“They worked hard to afford you opportunities they ain’t get to have” “Listen, I don’t see color”
But I do.

Maybe I really am the problem
But my solution is another problem, and for years it’s been shaking me to my core So from me, to denigration within, I present

This Declaration of War.

Image by DeShaun Nichols