Photo by Clint McKoy / Unsplash

Everything But Blues

Poetry May 5, 2024

they say yellow’s danger, ambling folly ‘cross the street
terror blaring neon, speeding taxi ‘cross the street
i dared not to touch it lest the devil’s smile i meet.

they say orange is hungry, gull’s beak picking at your skin
soldiers wreathed in sunset, heatwave licking at your skin
i dared not to feed it lest it eat me from within.

they say purple’s power, whispered promises in sleep
drunk on pomp and foxglove, poison princess lies in sleep
i dared not to kiss her lest my soul be hers to keep.

they say red is passion, yeah, they curse her carmine flame
lipstick bruising good, good girls—all “victims” of her flame
i dared not to question, but I wondered all the same.

they say green is safety, but i dare to disagree.
family grows in wild homes—now, do you disagree?
cause darlin’, in that earthquake’s eye, i feel the most like me.