EXHIBITION: Roe v. Wade: a Conversation Through Art

Nov 1, 2022

As artists, we have the opportunity to create works that can synthesize our cultural timeline with emotion. The works we make can help process the complex conversations we now face as a society through the voice of visual art, poetry, and movement.

This exhibition, the first show organized by fsm., is a platform for these creatives to share their thoughts, perspectives, and histories, sometimes quite personal, other times factual or abstracted.

Exhibiting visual artists include: Chloé Allyn, Anonymous, Julie Chen, Alicia DeBlaey, Kathryn Dreifuerst, The Everyday Feminist, Alison Gates, David Graham, Emma Hitzman, (Me), Tania Nelson, Gail D. Panske, Megan Pepin, Ellen Rosewall, Laura Schley, Beth Schueffner, Lauren Sinner, Mindy Sue Wittock, and Yours.Poets reading during the opening include: Chloé Allyn, Emma David, Tara DaPra, and others?

This exhibition runs November 4th–26th. Open hours: noon–4 pm; closed Nov 14th, 23rd, and 24th. Also open by appointment by calling (920) 791-7137.

This exhibition is facilitated by fsm., funded through the Canary Fund, Green Bay, and accompanies the recent issue of fsm., arts journal. Thank you to newARTSpace for hosting this exhibition!

In art and action.

Cristian Andersson

I'm a painter and performance artist working out of Appleton, Wisconsin. In 2020 I co-created fsm., and am the acting editor-in-chief.