Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

R V W; To do:; All Together Now

Poetry Nov 11, 2022

by Emma David


femme people screaming through brick walls
pounding steel-toe boots against iron doors sealed shut painting the walls red painting the floor red painting the ceiling red rolling in it, slathering it

on legs,
on arms,
on cheeks,
gulping it down like water,
while men stand back and chant,

“More, More!”

To do:

  • Take test
  • Check local regulations
  • Take another test
  • Pray
  • Call mom
  • Go to the drugstore
  • Buy another test
  • Pray
  • Fill the car with gas
  • Pack an overnight bag
  • Book a motel room with cash
  • Pray
  • Delete data from phone
  • Turn off phone and tuck it under the mattress
  • Take another test
  • Pray

All Together Now

Basic bitch
Girl Boss
Hair flips
and lip gloss

Chick flicks
and dick pics

Sylvia, Dorothy,
Virginia too -
Bubble bath daydreams,
Lips turned blue

Resting, bitch
The gentler sex
Burn the witch
and hide the checks.