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Appleton’s Tiniest Gallery

Community Aug 20, 2023

Open, 24/7 at 1006 N. Leminwah, Appleton, is “The Leminwah Art Collective,” a minature art gallery, inspired by the Free Little Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington, and free lending libraries that have popped up in front yards across the communities.

“It is here to promote art and community in our area,” says Annette Zautcke, self- appointed curator of The Leminwah Art Collective. “Patrons can leave, take, or exhange tiny art. We want it to be a place where people can explore and experiment with art. But more importantly, we want to give serious artists an opportunity to promote themselves.”

“We are asking that art be no larger than 6” cubed,” Zautcke continues. “And, if artists are looking to promote their work, they can include their contact information on the piece of art.”

The beautiful, handmade cedar gallery–constructed by a neighbor a few doors down– is perched in the front yard. It is wired up for LED lighting in the evening, should you want to visit it late at night.

You can follow “The Leminwah Art Collective” on Instagram @leminwahart