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Community Dec 26, 2023

by Cristian Andersson

fsm.’s first issue was printed Februray 2020–on the precipice of a global shut-down. An auspicious time for a new, print journal. Issue one was an eight page statement: that our community is full of talent and that there needed to be a platform for this creative class.

As of this issue, finishing off 2023, 139 different voices have found a space in these pages to share their thoughts. Poets, writers, artists, dancers, musicians, professors, historians, and community leaders. It really has been an incredible endeavor, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Along with the journal, we have hosted poetry and music events, exhibitions, and worked with other area non-profits (People of Progression, The PhotoOPP, The Building for Kids Children’s Museum, and the Boys and Girls Club) to provide access to the arts for area youth.

And, as 2024 comes near, we are planning how we can grow, and more ways that we can give back. Events, education, and, of course, the journal. Maybe some other surprises...

And, if you are able, we really could use your help.

fsm. operates on a ridiculously tight budget. Of our monthly expenses, roughly half go to the production of the paper (printing, internet costs, etc.) and the other half goes to paying those who write for us. Through a generous grant we were able to hire our first limited part-time employee. We are a volunteer board.

Ways to help: on the oppposite page, there is a QR code. Subscriptions ($5 a month / $50 a year) is an incredibly helpful way. As a board, we are discussing things we can do for our subscribers to share our gratitude while still ensuring that content is accessible to all. Direct mailing is a possibility (and something we would like to do) but until we get our subscriber numbers up it is quite costly. There is also a PayPal link or address if you are so inclined to show your financial support with a check. And, if you are a business, feel free to reach out to me at if you would like to advertise.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this. The writers, the enthusiastic readers, the board and staff, the establishments that allow us to deliver to, and to all of those that have supported us, in art and action.

Make Much Of Time
Photo by jules a. / Unsplash

fsm. is an arts review journal and publishing platform covering contemporary arts in the Greater Fox River Valley of Wisconsin.
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fsm. is an arts review journal and publishing platform covering contemporary arts in the Greater Fox River Valley of Wisconsin.
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Cristian Andersson

I'm a painter and performance artist working out of Appleton, Wisconsin. In 2020 I co-created fsm., and am the acting editor-in-chief.